Wet Marketplace Delivery Service

What is

eBayung is the new age of wet market that conveys to people crisp and best nature of merchandise through online for solace and bother free shopping. We give the accommodation of having nearby crisp merchandise readily available, where you can choose the things and appreciate with our conveyance benefit achieving directly to your doorstep.
In order to bring the freshest ingredients that you need, we work simply like the wet market. We’re up at a very early time and set up all request for the day on the morning itself. Orders are then kept fresh in a cold or chilled environment during delivery. This is to guarantee that orders gets to the customer on the same day, fresh.
It all started in a simple goal of providing fresh goods like fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits. A web-based business is on the ascent today and the web’s wide potential has made it less demanding for organizations to connect with a bigger pool of the general population. In the main year of its operation, we can assume that not only Pampang Wet Market will be our major provider for our goods, San Nicholas Wet Market and Nepo Market could also be our participating provider. For the next three years of its operation, eBayung will oblige and out sourcing merchandise on its close-by urban areas like Mabalacat City and San Fernando City. On its Fifth year, the whole Region III will adapt the Pampanga based platform eBayung and will consider all the possible provider around the area.


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