Pinoy Wallet for the Visually Impaired


What is EyeWallet

A large obstacle to the independence of the visually impaired is the fact that they can not tell apart bill denominations for themselves. This project aims to create a wallet that can identify the denomination of Philippine currency in the form of paper bills using a colour sensor. An application will be used to make sure the wallet is with the blind or just within 9 meters range, it will also feature a button that will ring the wallet to help the blind look for it. The researchers made use of Arduino and a color sensor module to identify bills. They were able to prove that a color sensor is a possible tool to help the blind identify paper bills but with limitations like discoloration of paper bill and incorrect results due to similar colors present on the paper bill. Comparative study was also done to prove the efficiency of the project compared to mobile applications available. The wallet could be a great help for persons with visual impairment to be a relevant sector in the society, for this will help them become more productive and independent.


April Arazo



Josef David



Alex Yusi