Smart Drone Sprayer for Mango Farm Industry


What is FarmTek

This research intends to give an adequate solution in solving pest control on mango farms, and incorporates modern technology that can support the needs of local farmers. The Smart Drone Sprayer equipped with 8 motors has a dji wookong-m flight controller, an r9d receiver that allows the remote controller or the transmitter to control the multirotor drone. A transformer power supply, powered by the generator is used to tether the drone. The power supply is mounted on the multirotor and a 20-meter 18awg tinned copper silicone pair wires were used for the ac connection. The efficiency of spraying pesticide was increased by the use of the low-volume nozzle mounted on the drone connected to the power sprayer using a high pressure rubber hose. In the implementation of the drone, it is able to spray pesticide at least 1m of distance from the tree. Pesticide consumption became lower compared to traditional use of equipment that sprays large amount of pesticide. The low volume nozzle gives off a mist-like particles of pesticide, which resulted to right amount of pesticide to be applied on mango trees. Using a drone in mango farm industry is beneficial to farmers for it can help them avoid possible illness from long-time direct spraying of pesticides.


Peter Dungca



Anthony Labso



Fles Torres